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Large Diameter Steel Pipe Fittings

Arntzen Corporation rolls and welds mitered pipe fittings. AWWA C208 dimensions, CAD developments of material patterns and our vast rolling and welding experience yield the pipe fittings required for your project. Some common fittings include: Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Crosses, Wyes, Laterals, Reducing elbows, crotch plates, repads, saddles.

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AWWA C207 Ring Flange SpoolAWWA C207 Ring Flange Spool
Arntzen rolled and welded this A36 cylinder tomake a spool pipe with AWWA C207 flanges. The pipe has a hard way rolledflat bar around the center to act as a water stop when it is castinside of a poured concrete wall.
Stainless Long Radius Elbow Spool Stainless Long Radius Elbow Spool
Stainless steel long radius pipe elbow spool with flanges welded on for a process piping application.
AWWA C208 Reducing Mitered Elbow AWWA C208 Reducing Mitered Elbow
Rolled and welded A36 plate reducing cones aremitered, fit and welded to make the AWWA C208 reducing elbow. Dimensionsare defined by the AWWA C208 specification for fabricated steel waterpipe fittings. These are coating with coal tar epoxy.
Pipe Tee Wye Branch Flange Pipe Tee Wye Branch Flange
This rolled and weld steel plate ductworkfitting has a wye branch at 90 degrees or tee configuration. The flangesare rolled and welded flat bars that are drilled after rolling.
AWWA C208 Water Pipe ManifoldAWWA C208 Water Pipe Manifold
AWWA C208 water pipe manifold made from rolledand welded steel plate. This is part of a sewage treatment planteffluent discharge.
Stainless Steel Valve body FlangeStainless Steel Valve body Flange
This valve body is a stainless steel rolledcylinder that has flanges fit and welded on both sides. Pipe flanges areusually machined prior to being attached but, can also be finalmachined as an assembly after fitting.
Carbon Steel Cylinder Cone FabricationCarbon Steel Cylinder Cone Fabrication
A36 steel plate cylinder and cone are rolledand welded. The end use is for a storage hopper for an aggregate silo ata job site concrete plant.
Ductwork Refractory Furnace PlenumDuctwork Refractory Furnace Plenum
Arntzen rolled, welded and fabricated thisfurnace ductwork from A36 steel plate. It is made up of cylinders, conesand flat shape cut plate. Finally it was coated with a red oxide primerand refractory lined.
Formed Suction Intake Corps EngineersFormed Suction Intake Corps Engineers
Arntzen designs and fabricates Formed Suction Intakes, FSI, to meet US Army Corps of Engineers and Hydraulic Institute Standards. USACE engineering and design manual EM 1110-2-3105 FSI type 1 and FSI type 10, referencing ETL 1110-2-327. Also, Hydraulic Institute Standard HI 9.802.2.2, Pump Intake Design 2012, replacing HI Pump Intake Design 1998 Figure 9.8.3 Type 10 formed suction intake.
FSI Corps Engineers Hydraulic InstituteFSI Corps Engineers Hydraulic Institute
US Army Corps of Engineers formed suction intake, FSI type 1 and type 10, dimension according to EM 11120-2-3105 and Hydraulic Institute, HI 9.802.2.2 pump intake design.

Large Diameter Steel Pipe Fittings Capabilities

AWWA C208 Mitered Pipe Fittings
Crotch Plate
Welded complete or ready for your shop fabrication
Material Type
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloy
Titanium Alloy
High Manganese
Material Category
High Strength
Structural Grade
Pressure Vessel Quality
Material Qualities
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant
Wear Resistant
Heat Resistant
Mill Test Reports
Heat, Slab & Grade Marking
Curvature Maintained throughout Joint
Huge Plate Inventory for Quick Shipping
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welding to Your Specifications
20 ft. Wide Plate Rolls
1 Piece or Truckloads
24 Hour/Day Production
Reasons to call Arntzen
Providing Solutions
Saying “YES” to the Tough Projects
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