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Rolled and Welded Steel Cones

Arntzen Corporation rolls and welds concentric cones, eccentric cones and offset cones. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloy, high strength and abrasion resistant grades. Computerized NC flame and plasma cutting produces the patterns for rolling or press forming the full cones or cone sections.

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Marine Contractor Rolled Steel ConeMarine Contractor Rolled Steel Cone
Cone shaped barge mounted silo. Arntzen supports marine contractors rebuilding barge mooring cells with rolled steel plate in cylinder and cone sections.
Cone Press Formed Steel Plate Cone Press Formed Steel Plate
Arntzen press forms cones in sections. Cone sections are shipped loose or fit and welded.
Rolled Steel Cone Plate Roll Rolled Steel Cone Plate Roll
Arntzen rolls steel cones in Webb and Bertsch plate bending rolls. Cones are rolled and welded or shipped in sections for field assembly.
Eccentric Rolled and Welded Cone Eccentric Rolled and Welded Cone
Arntzen rolls and welds eccentric steel cones. Eccentric cones do not have the same center. The major and minor diameters touch in plan view.
Rolled Flat Angle Steel ConeRolled Flat Angle Steel Cone
Arntzen rolls cones with severe angles that are close to being a steel sheet or plate ring. These cones are either rolled or press formed in sections.
Rolled Steel Large Plate ConeRolled Steel Large Plate Cone
Rolled steel cones with offset centers. Arntzen rolls steel concentric cones and eccentric cones also.
Copper Sheet Concentric ConeCopper Sheet Concentric Cone
Cones are rolled from materials including copper, aluminum, stainless, nickel, and carbon steels. Carbon steel grades include pressure vessel quality, high strength low alloy, structural, abrasion resistant and alloy.
Stainless Steel Sheet Rolled ConeStainless Steel Sheet Rolled Cone
Stainless steel cones are rolled, welded and the seam is pressed flat with a roller. Sheet blanks are plasma or laser cut to the required developed pattern including any require holes and cut outs.

Rolled and Welded Steel Cones Capabilities

Concentric Reducers
Eccentric Reducers
Offset Reducers
Segmented Reducers
Light Wall from Sheet
Heavy Wall from Plate
Material Type
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloy
Titanium Alloy
High Manganese
Material Category
High Strength
Structural Grade
Pressure Vessel Quality
Material Qualities
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant
Wear Resistant
Heat Resistant
Mill Test Reports
Heat, Slab & Grade Marking
Curvature Maintained throughout Joint
Huge Plate Inventory for Quick Shipping
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welding to Your Specifications
20 ft. Wide Plate Rolls
1 Piece or Truckloads
24 Hour/Day Production
Reasons to call Arntzen
Providing Solutions
Saying “YES” to the Tough Projects
Family Owned & Operated Since 1954

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