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Rolled and Welded Steel Cylinders

Arntzen Corporation rolls and welds cylinders from most grades of plate and sheet. Finding solutions for your toughest cylinder requirements including: Large and Small diameter, Thick and Thin wall, Short and Long lengths, Tough to form material grades.

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Steel Tank Cylinder Shell RolledSteel Tank Cylinder Shell Rolled
Arntzen rolls large diameter steel cylinders and shells for fabricators and OEM customer to further fabricate tanks, smokestacks, conveyor galleries and rotating equipment drums.
Submerged Arc Welded Steel Cylinder Submerged Arc Welded Steel Cylinder
Submerged arc welded seams by Arntzen are preferred by our customers.
Thick Rolled Welded Steel Plate Thick Rolled Welded Steel Plate
Arntzen rolls and welds steel plate up to 3” thick. The cylinders that Arntzen rolls go on to be part of more complex fabrications and machining operations.
Bertsch Plate Roll Heavy Thick Bertsch Plate Roll Heavy Thick
Arntzen has a large variety of plate rolls made by Bertsch, Webb, Montgomery and Faccin. Customers find Arntzen because we say yes to projects that require: Wide rolling, Thick rolling, High strength rolling and Tight diameter rolling.
Large Diameter Steel Cylinder ShellLarge Diameter Steel Cylinder Shell
Arntzen rolls and welds large diameter cylinders. Cylinders are then fit and welded to longer pipes. Ends are braced to insure roundness is maintained during truck shipping.
20-Ft Plate Bending Roll20-Ft Plate Bending Roll
Arntzen is known nationwide for our 20 ft. wide plate bending rolls. Rolling steel for contractors, fabricators and OEM companies is what we do best.
Heavy Thick Tight Steel RollingHeavy Thick Tight Steel Rolling
Arntzen has the right assortment of specialty plate rolls to roll steel plate heavier, thicker, tighter, higher strength and wider than most of our competitors.
Heavy Thick Steel Plate RollingHeavy Thick Steel Plate Rolling
Arntzen is experienced in rolling heavy thick steel plate as full 360 degree cylinder and as segments of varying degrees.

Rolled and Welded Steel Cylinders Capabilities

Cylinder Segments
Heavy Wall from Plate
Light Wall from Sheet
Small Diameter
Large Diameter
Short Lengths
Long Lengths
Material Type
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloy
Titanium Alloy
High Manganese
Material Category
High Strength
Structural Grade
Pressure Vessel Quality
Material Qualities
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant
Wear Resistant
Heat Resistant
Mill Test Reports
Heat, Slab & Grade Marking
Curvature Maintained throughout Joint
Huge Plate Inventory for Quick Shipping
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welding to your Specifications
20 ft. Wide Plate Rolls
1 Piece or Truckloads
24 Hour/Day Production
Reasons to call Arntzen
Providing Solutions
Saying “YES” to the Tough Projects
Family Owned & Operated Since 1954

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