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Rolled and Welded Steel Rings

Arntzen Corporation rolls and welds rings and ring segments from most formable grades of bar and plate. Sections include flats, rounds and squares. Material is rolled hard way or easy way. Joints can be welded or left open butt joint. Welded rings can be thermal stress relieved.

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A36 Steel Rolled Welded RingA36 Steel Rolled Welded Ring
A36 Rolled and welded rings made from flat bar or strip cut plate. Inside Diameter is machined to hold a tight tolerance.
A36 Bar Ring Flash Weld A36 Bar Ring Flash Weld
A36 bars are rolled easy way or hard way. Rings are flash welded and sized to the required tolerance.
Steel Ring Flange Drilled Machined Steel Ring Flange Drilled Machined
Steel ring flanges are made by a variety of methods. Rings are flame cut from plate as either a whole ring or segments and then welded together. Rings are also rolled and welded by either the FCAW, SAW or Flash Welding process.
Steel Rings Rolled Welded Beveled Steel Rings Rolled Welded Beveled
Rolled and welded steel rings are ready for the next operation by our fabricator and OEM customers. Typical features are machined ID, machined OD, machined faces, weld bevels and drilled holes.
Stainless Steel Rolled Welded RingStainless Steel Rolled Welded Ring
Stainless steel rolled and welded rings start with either flat bar, plasma cut plate or saw cut plate.
Steel Ring Pipe Flange DrilledSteel Ring Pipe Flange Drilled
Arntzen manufactures steel ring flanges to both AWWA C207 specifications and custom requirements.
Steel Flat Bar Rolled RingSteel Flat Bar Rolled Ring
A36 Steel Flat Bars are rolled into rings. The process includes rolling, welding, sizing, re-rolling, flattening, stress relieving, shot blasting and machining.
Rolled Steel Ring Stress RelieveRolled Steel Ring Stress Relieve
Rolled and welded steel rings are thermal stress relieved prior to machining. Shot blasting is also an option to remove mill scale.

Rolled and Welded Steel Rings Capabilities

Rolled Rings
Welded Rings
Open Butt Joint Rings
Tack Welded Rings
Beveled Joints
Re-Rolled, Rounded Up, Sized
Annealed, Heat Treated, Thermal Stress Relieved, Shot Blasted
Pre-Machined, Final Machined
Rolled Hardway or Easyway
Drilled Bolt Holes
Rolled from Bar or Plate
Flat Bars, Round Bars, Square Bars, Near Square Bars
Material Type
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloy
Titanium Alloy
High Manganese
Material Category
High Strength
Structural Grade
Pressure Vessel Quality
Material Qualities
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant
Wear Resistant
Heat Resistant
Mill Test Reports
Heat, Slab & Grade Marking
Curvature Maintained throughout Joint
Huge Plate Inventory for Quick Shipping
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welding to Your Specifications
20 ft. Wide Plate Rolls
1 Piece or Truckloads
24 Hour/Day Production
Reasons to call Arntzen
Providing Solutions
Saying "YES" to the Tough Projects
Family Owned & Operated Since 1954

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