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Steel Plate Rolling

Arntzen Corporation uses combinations of rolling and press forming to produce complex shapes. Producing these shapes begins with the ability to engineer the perfect flat pattern. Shapes include: Ellipse, Oblong, Oval, U-Trough, Conical segments, Square to Round transitions, Curved blades with tangents, multiple radii, helical and compound curves.

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Elliptical Oval Cylinder Pipe ShellElliptical Oval Cylinder Pipe Shell
Arntzen rolls multiple radius cylinders to form shells in the shape of an oval or and ellipse.
Heavy Plate Rolling Segment Cylinder Heavy Plate Rolling Segment Cylinder
Rolling thick steel plate to make segments. Plate is flame cut to size, rolled, trimmed and beveled.
Steel Plate Formed Radius Pan Steel Plate Formed Radius Pan
Arntzen rolls thick steel plate having multiple radii contained in the same part. Our customers rely on us to form complex shapes.
Steel Curved Turbine Vane Formed Steel Curved Turbine Vane Formed
Arntzen rolls and curves multiple radius steel shapes used for turbine vanes.
Rolled Steel Bucket Liner ReplacementRolled Steel Bucket Liner Replacement
Contractors and excavators are constantly wearing and rebuilding construction equipment and tools. Arntzen cuts and forms steel replacement liners out of abrasion resistant AR400, AR450 and AR500 plate.
Rolled Steel Wide Plate RollingRolled Steel Wide Plate Rolling
Arntzen rolls plate 20 Ft wide. Our 20 Foot wide plate rolls roll wide plate for fabricators and OEM customer across the United States. Typical products are AR400 and AR450 rolled truck bottoms and A36 tainter gate skin plates for USACE hydroelectric dam maintenance and rebuilding.

Steel Plate Rolling Capabilities

Multiple Radius with Tangents
Conical Shapes
Reducing Fittings
Material Type
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloy
Titanium Alloy
High Manganese
Material Category
High Strength
Structural Grade
Pressure Vessel Quality
Material Qualities
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant
Wear Resistant
Heat Resistant
Mill Test Reports
Heat, Slab & Grade Marking
Curvature Maintained throughout Joint
Huge Plate Inventory for Quick Shipping
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welding to Your Specifications
20 ft. Wide Plate Rolls
1 Piece or Truckloads
24 Hour/Day Production
Reasons to call Arntzen
Providing Solutions
Saying "YES" to the Tough Projects
Family Owned & Operated Since 1954

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